Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth

Antica Formula Carpano Vermouth

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Deep red brown with excellent clarity. Powerful nose of herbs, red fruits and woody notes. Rich complex palate, rounded, with a lingering bitter finish - easily surpasses most red vermouths for flavour and authenticity.

Antica Formula, first introduced in the 1990s is based on an old vermouth recipe from the Carpano archives, though it is not Carpano's original 1786 vermouth recipe. A great example of the vermouth alla vaniglia style. Carpano uses local Piedmontese Moscato wine blended with robust red wines from their estates in Sicily as the base for its vermouth, to this the 'concia' in added - a combination of spirits, sugar and a secret herbal infusion of up to 50 herbs and vanilla.

16.5% ABV

100% bottle

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