Les Rendez-vous de Billecart-Salmon No.3 Meunier

Billecart-Salmon Les Rendez-vous de Billecart-Salmon No.3 Meunier

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  • Wine - Billecart-Salmon Champagne
  • Country - France
  • Region - Champagne
  • Vintage - NV
  • Grape Varieties - 100% Pinot Meunier
  • ABV - 12.5%
  • Billecart-Salmon takes you to the historic vineyards of Leuvrigny, Festigny and Venteuil in the heart of Vallée de la Marne. Here you will discover a new expression of Pinot Meunier, revealing a very special identity. The delicacy of its floral notes and the sweetness of its fruity aromas from this single varietal wine will brighten up your most beautiful shared moments.
  • Wonderfully balanced floral sensations (lime and grasses) combined with the summery scents of freshly-cut wheat fields (grain and straw). It will awaken your senses to refined notes ranging from crisp fruit to juicy citrus. A highly delicate blend through which the character of the Pinot Meunier subtly reveals itself.
  • A sensual textured mouthfeel leading to an indulgent fluidity that blossoms into deeply delicious, fruity notes (white cherry, pineapple and yellow plums). The blissful sensation of reaching a certain pleasure point, of flying high with senses elevated and honed. Finally, a finish that is just as enjoyable, lengthening to notes of white pepper with a pleasant tartness of yellow fruit.

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