Fukukomachi Evening Sky Junmai Karakuchi Sake

Fukukomachi Evening Sky Junmai Karakuchi Sake

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Fukukomachi Evening Sky is a Junmai Karakuchi. The “Junmai” title means it’s a highly prized premium sake, while “Karakuchi” explains that it’s very dry. Made using Menkoina rice, a non-glutinous rice type found primarily in Akita, which has been polished to 70% (i.e. 30% of each grain is gently milled away). The result is an everyday sake for all seasons and all foods, which can be served both chilled for refreshment and warm for comfort.

Cold, it presents a nose of coffee bean, cacao nib, caramel, crunchy pear, toffee apple, strawberry sorbet and dark chocolate. While on the palate, it’s incredibly smooth, light and crisp with a touch of spice and roasted walnut.

Slightly warmed, it becomes richer, creamier and a fine companion to heavier foods.

72 cl

15% ABV