Hoxton Pink Gin

Hoxton Pink Gin

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Hoxton Gunpowder & Rosehip Premium Pink Gin is crafted in the style of Old Tom gin. A retro concoction popular in the 18th century, traditionally sweetened, in their case they use a hand-crafted hibiscus sugar. Hoxton Pink Gin is crafted using a medley of natural and ethically sourced botanicals: Juniper berries, Gunpowder tea, rosehip, grapefruit, liquorice, chamomile, elderflower and orris.

On the nose, there’s a lovely mixture of the floral character of roses backed by the firm tannin of tea. Off-dry, with a lovely balance between the sweetness and rose perfume on one hand, the sharpness of citrus and the grip of tannin from the Gunpowder tea.


40% ABV

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