Nardini Grappa Riserva 40

Nardini Grappa Riserva 40

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Nardini don't want anyone to miss out on the wonderful flavours grappa has to offer, which is why they have started to bottle versions of their fabulous spirits at different strengths, so no one gets left out.

This edition of their Grappa Riserva has been bottled at 40% abv, making it much easier to sip slowly. The Smooth 40, as Nardini have been calling it, has been aged for up to 5 years, just like its stronger brothers, the Classic 50 and the Mighty 60. 

Refined, smooth and velvety. A distillate of pure harmony, where the delicate fragrance meets an intense, unforgettable flavour. A unique Grappa with an unmistakable straw yellow colour and precious golden notes, aged at least 3 years in Slavonian oak barrels.

70cl bottle

40% ABV

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