Sugar Shack Canadian Maple Whisky Liqueur

Sugar Shack Canadian Maple Whisky Liqueur

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Premium maple syrup and Canadian corn whisky collide in magnificent fashion here. Canada in a bottle basically, and it's flipping delicious. Brimming with luxurious layers of buttery, soft corn, meaning it's excellent to pour straight down your throat, and packed with enough silky maple sweetness you could happily drizzle this on your pancakes, or over ice cream. The qualities this will lend to cocktails are more exciting than we can fathom, first up – a maple Old Fashioned!

Nose Warm toffee, pouring caramel, maple and pecan plaits. Flaky, sugared pastry and white chocolate buttons lead to crisp toffee popcorn and toasted oak, with just a whisper of biscuity spice at the core.

Palate Milk chocolate caramel notes of Toffee Crisp bars, with honeyed almonds and silky maple syrup. Millionaire's shortbread follows, with buttered corn and toffee ice cream.

Finish Layers of maple sweetness bring generous notes of pineapple upside-down cake, caramel cream, walnut whip, wafers, and nutty fudge. Exceedingly moreish.

Overall Would be seriously good in some kind of boozy milkshake.

50cl bottle

29.9% ABV

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