Weeknight Whisky Islay 8 Year Old Single Malt

Weeknight Whisky Islay 8 Year Old Single Malt

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If you look at your drinks collection, there might be a bottle of something really special in there that you've never opened because you're saving it in case the king of Jupiter comes to visit. While you're awaiting the interplanetary monarch, you might want a whisky to enjoy as a regular go-to tipple which is tasty but not something so super special that you never actually try it or share a glass with friends. Well, say hello to Weeknight Whisky, a selection of expressions that are more suited to sipping rather than saving. This particular edition is an ace Islay single malt, matured for eight years and boasting a hefty helping of peat throughout.

Nose: Earthy peat smoke with hay and roasted malt notes, joined by a smidge of dried fruit.

Palate: Punchy peat still at the fore, surrounded by warm vanilla and continued hints of raisin.

Finish: Dry cooking spices and brown sugar.

Overall: An approachable Islay, with all the characteristics you're looking for when enjoying a peaty dram.

70 cl bottle

40% ABV

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