Kumo Nigori Junmai Cloudy Sake

Kanpai Kumo Nigori Junmai Cloudy Sake

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KUMO meaning “CLOUD” is a premium sake in the Kanpai signature series. KUMO is a refined interpretation of a classic cloudy sake.

A lightly cloudy (aka Nigori) and refreshing sake with light rice sediment. Aged with the rice leftovers (lees) then bottled with some fine rice sediment remaining, this is an elegant fruity and smooth tropical nigori with bold acidity and rich yogurt finish.

Crisp, Dry & Cloudy

Food Pairing: Spicy curry, fried chicken or even over ice cream

Serving temp: try at cool around 10C or warm at 40C

375 cl

15% ABV

37.5 cl

15% ABV

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