Plantation Sealander Rum

Plantation Sealander Rum

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Set sail on an exciting journey around the islands of rum with this latest offering from Plantation. It combines molasses-based rum from the West Indies Distillery in Barbados and the Rum Co. of Fiji with cane juice rum from Saint Aubin in Mauritius. Combine this with ageing in charred oak barrels to give a rum that simultaneously full and sweet, and fresh and herbal. This combines particularly well with vermouth and bitters in a Palmetto, but it's also great on rocks or mixed with ginger ale.

Nose: Gentle and rich opening on pear, quince jelly, gooseberry with hints of smoky molasses.

Palate: Rich and delicate on clover honey, liquorice, beeswax, vanilla fudge and prune.

Finish: Long and lingering on cooked apple, Tonka bean and dried banana.


40% ABV

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