Tesseron Cognac Lot No. 90 XO Ovation

Tesseron Cognac Lot No. 90 XO Ovation

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Tesseron's Lot 90 XO Ovation owes its freshness and purity to the vivacity of the house eaux-de-vie. It displays a particularly pleasant combination of vigour and complexity, which stands out perfectly when served on ice. Made from the finest cognac soils that are Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. The unique character of Lot 90 XO Ovation is due to its extended period of ageing in oak barrels, which gives it richness and complexity, the main grape being the Ugni Blanc. An attractive golden colour, Lot 90 displays fresh aromas with hints of pear and quince, evolving into herbaceous elements, aromas of dried fruits, nuts and almonds. The palate is powerful and firm, reflecting the aromas presented by the nose. An outstanding cognac.

Tesseron only produce Cognacs of XO and above, and makes its eau-de-vie from the Folle Branche grape, which is now quite rare. 

70 cl

40% ABV

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