Dark Matter Chocolate Orange Rum Liqueur

Posted by Matthew Dakers on

  • Dark Matter Chocolate Orange Rum Liqueur
  • Scotland
  • 20% ABV
  • £18.50

Beautiful orange colour (unsurprisingly) with zesty orange and smooth chocolate aromas rising from the glass. It’s a bit of a classic flavour combination that is often overly sweet and sickly, lacking any sophistication or class. This if different, partly because of the rum base, and definitely because of the balance of bright citrus with the softer chocolate flavours. A classy, well-rounded number that lingers nicely with a gentle hint of spice.

A lovely tipple on a chilly night with the fire lit – or at just about any time of day. I’m enjoying it over ice, but it’s just as good at room temperature. It would give an extra dimension to lots of cocktails and would work stretched out with a mixer – ginger beer would add another warming hit if you wanted a longer drink.

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