Lake Chalice ‘The Raptor’ Sauvignon Blanc

Posted by Matthew Dakers on

  • Lake Chalice ‘The Raptor’ Sauvignon Blanc
  • New Zealand
  • 13% ABV
  • Medium-to-full-bodied white wine
  • £16.50

A pale colour white wine, with a hint of green. Fragrant – you really can smell grapefruit and there’s a hint of blackcurrant stopping it being too citrusy which I really appreciated.

Gorgeous mouth feel. More full-bodied than a lot of Sauvignon Blancs I’ve had recently, but that isn’t a criticism. Plenty of texture with the grapefruit and blackcurrant flavours coming back to the fore. A bit of minerality helps keep it balanced. That mouth feel leads into a good long finish – and filling the glass again, of course.

I’m sure it would be great with seafood or shellfish, but it was most enjoyable alongside a flavoursome roasted chicken. Another good New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! Nice to have some decent options.

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